thePeople with special set by Be Brown aka Orfeu Negro plus Samba Funk!

Friday Apr 04th, 2014

thePeople with special set by Be Brown aka Orfeu Negro plus Samba Funk!

featuring Samba Funk!

with residents Cecil and Cali

hosted by *heyLove and Ms. Nabong

The New Parish

579 18th Street Oakland, CA

$5 before 10pm / $10 after

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If Toni Cade Bambara was right when she said that the duty of radical art is to "make the revolution irresistible," then samba may be the most radical kind of art there is. While samba has become the most well-known symbol of Brazilian culture world-wide and the ideal image of joyful celebration, samba's roots live deep in the resilience and resistance of the people who survived and overcame enslavement in Brazil. For the descendants of enslaved Africans throughout all of the Americas, dance and music comprise a powerful system for preserving and transmitting identity, philosophy, and resistance. These dances also function as a means of personal expression, spiritual communication, and transformation. With rule systems that support complex group interaction, dance and music even offer practical principals for social and political organization. It is from this vast pool of embodied wisdom that underground dance culture draws. thePeople is our humble attempt to connect our local village to this rich source. That's why thePeople's own dj Be Brown, aka Orfeu Negro, decided to invite Samba Funk! to help him commemorate the pilgrimage he took to Bahia, Brazil one year ago. Like Afro-beat, Samba has evolved through interplay across the Diaspora. Lead by the fearless and energetic, King Theo, Samba Funk!, just like the funk inspired samba reggae rhythm itself, is a living link between evolving Afro-Brazilian and Afro-American musical traditions . Inspired by the many festivals, parades, and parties of Salvador, Bahia, Be Brown's goal is not to recreate Bahia in Oakland, but to ignite a spontaneous creation made of rhythms, bodies, colors, and sounds; O Povo, the People, together in joyful, sacred, sexy celebration. That is a revolution that no one can resist. See you Saturday night. thePeople More info on Samba Funk! at Saturday April 28th thePeople with special set by resident Be Brown aka Orfeu Negro plus special guests the Samba Funk! Funkquarians alongside residents Cali & Cecil hosted *heyLove & Ms. Nabong VENDORS * Ital Pinay (jewelry) * BushMama (jewelry & art) * Sholan (belts & bow ties) * Earthtones Jewelery & Healing Arts (precious stone jewelry) * Alouba Custom Creative Arts (up-cycled jewelry) * Backstage Boutique (earrings) * Safety First & Tuff & Gyal 808 (Original art & beauty) The New Parish 579 18th St. Oakland NOTE OUR NEW HOURS!!!! 9pm - 2am $5 before 10pm | $10 after