thePeople with special guest Boddhi Satva

Tuesday Dec 03rd, 2013

thePeople with special guest Boddhi Satva

featuring Boddhi Satva

with residents Cecil, Cali & Be Brown

hosted by *heyLove and Ms. Nabong

The New Parish

579 18th Street, Oakland, CA

$5 before 11pm / $10 after

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Music is a message that cannot be spoken, more formless than even the electric impulses that transmit it through our ipods. It is the storage place of our ancestors wisdom, a living hard drive that cannot be erased as it passes from one epoch to the next. Translated into modern terms, music's message might sound scientific: Everything is energy. Even our very bodies are vessels of the universal vibration. But, purely rational thought is too crude a tool to size up music. That's why we turn to mystics like Bob who said: "One good thing about music is when it hits you feel no pain." Bob knew that music is the opposite of violence, a game with no winners or losers, a pathway to realizing our union with eachother and with the entire creation. Today, as we mourn the death of another child because of a culture that worships violence and practices dehumanization, we turn to music to remember who and what we are, to return to our origin. A Bodhisatva is an enlightened being who stays in the world to create pathways for others back to the source of creation. This month a very special guest is visiting the People party who named himself after these beings and who brings with him a connection to the literal source of humanity as he travels from his homeland in the Central African Republic. We invite you to connect and celebrate through music this Saturday. Done with the right intention, this is one small way that we can honor Trayvon Martin. Connecting through music, and celebrating each other, is one way we can state, without words, our commitment to a world free of violence and to freeing our own souls from illusion and ignorance. Boddhi's music stretches itself out at the edge of that endless ocean of mystery from which all things come. There, like offerings of flowers carried away by the waves, we can offer ourselves, our joy, our dancing bodies, to the living water that brought us into existence and to which each of us shall one day return. One Love, thePeople crew Saturday March 24th thePeople with special guest Boddhi Satva along with resident djs Cali, Cecil, and Be Brown hosted by heyLove* and Ms. Nabong ((VENDORS)) * Ital Pinay (jewelry) * BushMama (jewelry & art) * Sholan (belts & bow ties) * Earthtones Jewelery & Healing Arts (precious stone jewelry) * Alouba Custom Creative Arts (up-cycled jewelry) * Backstage Boutique (earrings) * Safety First & TuffGyal 808 ((LIVE PAINTING)) * Jackie Papers * Noa More on Boddhi