thePeople with special guest Bobbito Garcia

Tuesday Apr 01st, 2014

thePeople with special guest Bobbito Garcia

featuring Bobbito Garcia

with residents Cecil, Cali & Be Brown

hosted by *heyLove and Ms. Nabong

The New Parish

579 18th Street, Oakland, CA

$5 before 11pm / $10 after

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The term "party" has been worn out. The word is used to describe a diverse set of cultural practices from misogynist rap video debauchery to garish, hollywood-style orgies of celebrity worship. thePeople family has prided itself on staying rooted in what really matters, conducting communal feasts on food for the soul (music being the main course). Partying is just so 2011. The idea that music can anchor us to our spiritual homeland while taking us beyond the day-to-day didn't come out of the blue though. It originates from ancient sources, of course, but for the children of the hip-hop generation and beyond, there was a movement of young street-corner shamans that translated the ancient wisdom into a vibrant, global, underground culture. Bobbito Garcia, is a member of this vanguard, a peaceful warrior who uses music and culture as weapons. Bobbito is one of the nation's most respected tastemakers and his endeavors as a radio show host, documentarian, club dj, writer, and more, span every relevant, urban, sub-cultural category of his era. His accomplishments are too numerous to fit in an invite. But, the important thing to know is that, if you're tired of just partying; if you are ready for something next level, Saturday, at thePeople, is where you wanna be. thePeople with special guest Bobbito Garcia alongside residents Be Brown, Cali, and Cecil hosted by heyLove* and Ms. Nabong ((VENDORS)) * Ital Pinay (jewelry) * Sholan (belts & bow ties) * Earthtones Jewelery & Healing Arts (precious stone jewelry) * Alouba Custom Creative Arts (up-cycled jewelry) * Backstage Boutique (earrings) * Meesh Meesh Designs (jewelry) ((LIVE PAINTING)) * Jackie Papers * Noa The New Parish 579 18th St | Oakland 10pm - 2am $5 before 11pm