thePeople: Feeling Good

Thursday Apr 09th, 2015

thePeople: Feeling Good

featuring Orfeu Negro and Nerstylist

with residents Cecil and Cali

hosted by *heyLove and Ms. Nabong

The New Parish

579 18th Street, Oakland CA

$5 before 10pm / $10 after

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Everyday, the news came from all directions full of sad tales of injustice, war, and a planet catching fire. For a while hope, and some Facebook quotes where enough to fend off sadness. Until one day you saw Miley Cyrus twerking and it seemed that all hope was lost. So, what now. Throw away your laptop and cell phone? Move to a secluded cabin in Marin? But we know it won't work. The great psychologist, Carl Jung taught that the shadow, the part of us that exists beyond the conscious mind, can be ignored by not destroyed. Left unacknowledged, it will eventually erupt. Who knows maybe next time it will be you undulating soullessly in booty shorts on live television. Ah, but there's a way out... Jung also taught that to move toward our higher potential, we have to confront our shadows. It is there in this confrontation, in our moment of greatest fear and ostensible weakness, that we will discover our true power. For it is in this moment that we will be open to what our intuition has to tell us, and to the help that can only come from our connection with the unseen. This is the meaning of the myth of Orpheus. It was in his moment of deepest grief, for his beloved Eurydice, that he composed his most moving song. And it was by the power of this song that he overcame the powers of underworld so that he could retrieve his beloved from its depths. And, sadly, when Orpheus' trust falters and he cannot resist the urge confirm, with his own eyes, that his beloved is following him along the path back from the dead, he turns around, breaking the rules of his mission, and loses his beloved forever. Orpheus' story teaches us to move forward faithfully in the face of all that we fear, trusting our love and our music. It is in this spirit that we come together as "thePeople." in a monthly ritual through which we confront the craziness of the world with music, and emerge from the depths to a place where love springs eternal. thePeople Oakland ~ Feeling Good ft. ORFEU NEGRO