thePeople 4 Year Anniversary Celebration

Monday Feb 11th, 2013

thePeople 4 Year Anniversary Celebration

with residents Cecil, Cali & Be Brown

hosted by *heyLove and Ms. Nabong

The New Parish

579 18th Street

$5 before 11pm / $10 after

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The number four pops up in some very important places. There are the four seasons, the four cardinal directions of the Native American medicine wheel, the four points of the Kalunga in Bantu traditions, even the four counts of a typical measure of music. Four is also an important year in life. When a child turns 4, they begin to view themselves as "whole people with body, mind, and feelings." This new view of themselves makes them "noticeably more independent" and "interested in new experiences." Four Novembers ago, thePeople party was born. So much has happened since that fateful Saturday night in Downtown Oakland, that one can not help but think about the party as "whole person" with a life of its own. thePeople has always excelled at cultivating freshness, but now, at four years, more than ever, the party seems to be "interested in new experiences." thePeople crew would like to thank every single person who has helped to raise this child: the guest djs, vocalists, dancers, painters, artisans, chefs, designers, photographers, journalists, facebook addicts, music nerds, beat junkies, baby-sitters, designated drivers, healers, protectors, ex-backpackers, house-heads, punks, corporate-refugees, bad-asses, fierce divas, observers, philosophers, and everyone else who have made the last four years so damn beautiful. ********************************************** In thePeople tradition, we will be donating a portion of the door to the Alameda County Food Bank. They feed 49,000 folks PER WEEK in Alameda County!!! Unbelievable! PEOPLE FEEDING PEOPLE ... that's what's up. ms. nabong will also be hitting you up for donations at the party so bring some loot for the Food Bank ♥ HEARthePeople:: A Love Photo Campaign::: photo booth with photographer Bryon Malik! What's in your heart????? Check out the images captured by Malik at thePeople YBCA Big Idea Night: thePeople Featuring resident deejays BeBrown, Cali & Cecil hosted by heyLove* & ms. nabong ((VENDORS)) * BushMama (jewelry & art) * Ital Pinay (jewelry) * Earthtones Jewelery & Healing Arts (precious stone jewelry) * Alouba Custom Creative Arts (up-cycled jewelry) ((LIVE PAINTING)) * Jack Eastgate